Tuesday, 8 February 2011

second brief/target audience report

The website I will be making will be a charity website focusing on young people and drugs. The website will follow the standard conventions. The home page will feature the charity logo surrounded by images of the charity in action and will the base of the website in which . A video will be featured on the site to advertise the charity. I will use a modern font so the site appears professional yet stylish and will use links to different sections of the site such as contact information in bold letters so people can easily identify them. The site will also include separate pages on what he charity does and how people can get involved. There will be eight pages in total with five on different types of drugs and their effects with pages on heroin , magic mushrooms , MDMA , cannabis and cocaine  , a home page , a contact page and a page on what the charity does the webiste will be called drug free youth.
Jack Moynihan
Jack baxter

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